True Religion

Crafting stores across America

…In October of 2006, 
True Religion Brand jeans began an ambitious store rollout to produce retail stores and outlets through out the USA.   S&F was there at the beginning to develop the proto-type and eventually 2 stores per month.

20X50 booth at Project Show, Las Vegas
   hand-hewed ceiling beams Las Vegas
  hand-hewed adjustable fixtures
   jean bar and leather stools
 Adjustable shelving Woodbury, NY
  jean display at outlet store in Woodbury, NY
   matching portable racks, Short Hills
   Woodbury Outlet cash wrap

 jean bar Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas
  cubbies & cash wrap Fashion Show, Las Vegas
   register wrap in South Beach, Miami
  hewed counter at Cottier, NY

SoHo ladders installed
  SoHo NY,NY ready to place product
   stocked and ready to open
   ftting rooms Lenox in Atlanta
 Woodbury Outlet
   Woodbury Outlet
   jeans SoHo, NY
  jeans SoHo, NY
 jeans SoHo, NY
  cubbies in South Beach