Norman Shutters

Craftsmen coming together…

What a great pleasure it was to work with people at Norman Shutter… 
wood-crafters of another of another kind…together we built an exhibit to show-off Norman’s shutters and window coverings.

Norman Shutters is a producer of wood window coverings manufactured and produced in China.  We were asked to create a 40ft X 40ft Tradeshow Exhibit for the June 2004 New Orleans Window Coverings Show.  This Tradeshow exhibit was meant to give them a forum to show there lines of product to Decorators and Architects.  The overhead sign was an eight piece, 40 ft diameter circle that included electrical down lighting for the booth & self contained sign lighting.  We built a series of vignettes to show typical residential environments such as the bathroom, living room, and bedroom.  We also included a reception area and a conference room with pre-carpeted risers.

We produced all the 3-D models for this booth from loose sketches that were envisioned by the designer. We completely engineered the hanging sign, all rigging components, and all structures.  After several meetings with the client and designer, we built this booth using light weight wall panels and covering them in Teak Wood Metal Laminates and several shades of High Pressure Laminate. The fabrication of this took approximately five weeks to complete.

All components of this booth were fitted into wood crates and all shutters and products were pre-fitted in shop for easy installation at the show sight.  The booth required two moving vans to transport and four laborers for two days to set up at the show.  While this booth has been modified several times for different and new products, it is still in use today.

 Final design concept for Norman
   Final design concept for Norman
   Final Design concept for Norman
  Color wheel is installed prior to shipping
Reception area location is verified against floor grids
  Shop set up for walk through Norman Shutter
   Installing Recessed lighting on over head sign    Final Preps at shop prior to shipping
 caption    caption   Window World in Atlanta
   Window World in Atlanta
Bathroom Vinyette at window world