David & Lance ruff hue a recessed light truss
   Christopher & David provide a little TLC to the cabinets
  Pre-fitting the beams
  Everyone gives a hand to raise the beams
interlocking barn beam entry
  Christopher cuts a Xylea-Board
  cutting slot wall on the Shoda
  12' long sliding table saw
sorner display case for Dallas '98
  Aubrie burns a pattern in the mahogony
  Automated Boring Machine
  Jose brands horse shoes into the hickory with a hot iron 

Jose gathers the crew before they ship the booth to Italy
  Jr. fits the T&G before huewing the posts
  Minor makes a final adjustment on a prototype   Natcho lines up a panel blank

November '08 Xyea-wood panels
  Pincher Roller
  Straight edge routing on the vacuum table
  Rene checks the hardware before closing the crate
The Shoda in action
  Joe, Max, Philip, and Jose getting ready to ship AbFlex