3-D Modeling

3-d computer modeling is such a great tool…to solve the...IF... 

3-d modeling allows us to help you to explore a concept before you make important design decisions that can dramatically affect the look and the cost of a fixture or a room…

What would it look like... IF we covered the wall with paneling?...
How about... IF we leave it white plaster with Crown molding?...
...IF we cover the beams in wood will it make the room look smaller?...

Building a detailed 3-d computer model, is a way to give quick visual access to design possibilities that can help you to make those important decisions…at the click or a mouse you will know 
IF…it is to much or not enough?...
IF…it looks better in polished metal or brushed?…
IF…we add another row of shelves, will we still have eniough room?... 

Let our 3-d modelers create your designs for you in cyber-space…and take a virtual walk through them...IF... you dare...!

Field measure made during final dry walling
   S&F creates accurate 3-d model depicting all beams & walls
  Several design options are computer generated
  Hickory covered beams and panel wall

Straight molding at eve
  Through the glass
  Straight on look
  How will it look from the top

Proportional Iso of monitor wall
  View of counter from above
  Accurate 3-d modeling makes installation easy
  Every thing goes together as planned

Even placement of seats is a simple task
  Prefabricated components fit over wall columns
  Embroidered stools
  Custom Electrical outlet cover is made
Coaxial cable is run to Video monitor
  22' long T&G counter top made in 3 pcs to ride in elevator
  In Gear Show room Finished ready for Apparel